Atmospheric Change Affecting The Joints

07 November 2023

As the weather changes and the temperature starts to drop, you might find that your joints start to feel different. This could be due to barometric change in the weather. Studies suggest that as there is less air pressure around the joints, muscles, and tendons so they eventually expand and this could result in pain.

This can be more severe if you have underlying medical conditions, such as arthritis, as the nerves react to the cold air and drop in air pressure resulting in increased pain. Soft tissue therapy and sports massage can help with this and manage the pain moving forward.

There are several ways that you can reduce the risk of this happening to you. If you keep your joints moving with exercise and stretching, this will enable efficient blood flow and will not allow the joints to be inactive. Sitting still for long periods could increase the inflammation in the joints. If the joints are already sore and stiff, then a warm shower or bath may be and effective way to combat the symptoms. Massage is an excellent way get a good healthy blood flow to the muscles and allow greater movement in the joints.

Joint pain

Author: Cross Massage Therapy