Boost Your Energy Levels

4 easy ways to kick-start the new year

    10 minutes of stretching a day can do wonders. Each week it is the equivalent of doing a yoga class! Focus on sore or restricted areas. Making time for this each day can lead to an injury and pain-free life.
  2. Cat stretching
    This will boost your immune system, aid digestion, cleanse the liver (could be important after the festive period!) and help reduce pain in the joints.
  4. Sliced lemon in water
  5. WALK
    Get out for some fresh air and get the legs moving. Ditch the car and opt for a brisk walk instead. Walk the school run, walk to the shop, walk the dog a bit further and faster. Who wants to de-ice the car if they don’t have to!
  6. Man walking
  7. SLEEP
    Dark nights call for snuggling into bed a tad earlier and enjoying some R&R. Sleep is a natural healer for the body physically and mentally.
  8. Dog sleeping

Small lifestyle changes can prove to be hugely beneficial. Start boosting your energy levels now for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Small measures such as the ones above can be easily implemented into your routine and you will feel the rewards straight away.

By: Cross Massage Therapy

We can help alleviate pain, prevent injury, increase flexibility and mobility, and help a person continue with regular physical activity.