Open For Business

14 July 2020


We are thrilled to be operating again following the go-ahead from the government.

It goes without saying, but we will mention it in any case, that safety is of high importance. You can be assured that we will uphold high standards of cleanliness and the treatment room sterilised with hospital-grade products.

We have missed our clients and sports teams and are very much looking forward to treating again. During lockdown we have taken full advantage of the spare time to learn more and revise soft tissue therapy and are confident our treatments will be better than ever moving forward.

We have also worked smarter and harder on our own physical training, challenging each other to different sessions of circuit training to improve our strength, cardio and endurance. Most importantly we are having a lot of fun doing this. You have to enjoy your training in order to stay motivated.

Training injury-free certainly adds to the enjoyment. Any kind of discomfort, pain or niggle can contribute to loss of motivation and decrease the attractiveness of sports, hobbies and workouts. Not just that, having an issue can affect everyday life. We are proud that our treatments cover a wide range of complaints which can fix, heal and rehabilitate our clients.

Let us help you be your best!