An update from Cross Massage Therapy

11 May 2020

At the time of writing, the Coronavirus has just passed its peak and Boris has announced a conditional plan to move forward into easing a few certain restrictions. However, our clinic remains closed following the advice of the government and our regulating body and of course we remain closed for the protection of our clients, ourselves and our family.


For the meantime we continue to research and revise our practice. We are trying out new techniques and different products. Lockdown has given us a massive opportunity to reflect and gain perspective of how we would like Cross Massage Therapy to progress in the future. We have also been fortunate to start other external ventures, albeit under unusual lockdown circumstances.

We are at a critical time to maintain good health. Our lifestyle and behaviour directly links to our motivation and happiness, which in turn affects our health. The government have encouraged the nation to exercise and many people have embraced this. To stay active we run, cycle, practice Korean kickboxing, set high intensity circuit workouts at home, lift weights and walk our energetic Cocker Spaniel (not all at once!). There is no better time to get going or up the ante. Mix things up a bit. Your body will then release the chemical dopamine, which gives us a lovely feeling of reward and motivation. And then comes the serotonin, making you feel happy. These are great for your wellbeing.

We hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy and we look forward to opening our clinic doors in the future. If you would like any advice or support in the meantime then do of course get in touch.

Darren and Caroline Cross