Frozen Shoulder

26 October 2023

Frozen shoulder is a condition where the movement in the shoulder is severely restricted due to a large amount of pain. It occurs when tissue is formed on the joint capsule where it should not have formed which restricts the movement and causes pain.

The correct term for frozen shoulder is adhesive capsulitis which essentially refers to the adhesion of the capsule joint.

Synovial fluid which is usually lubricating the joint can reduce which further reduces movement.

The cause of frozen shoulder is likely due to the formation of scar tissue after a shoulder injury or surgery will stop when these soft tissue that is surrounding the joint is consistently torn this can lead to adhesions.

The pain is usually dull and aching in the shoulder which quite often is reported to be worse at night time. When moving your arm this can also cause pain.

frozen shoulder

Without treatment frozen shoulder can become worse over time and lead to further tissue causing adhesions of the joint exacerbating the problems with movement and pain. A build up of scar tissue may need the requirement of surgical removal in more severe cases.

We can help by encouraging gentle stretching exercises to increase the range of motion in the joint. Using heat is also a very useful method to help with rehabilitation alongside the physical aspect. Trying to allow the joint to move through all planes of motion available can help avoid frozen shoulder. Massage can help with circulation and loosening of soft tissues.

Author: Cross Massage Therapy