Massage and Older People

Treatments in our clinic are for everyone. We have treated clients as young as 12 years old right up to the great age of 96. If you are in pain or discomfort, feel stiff and sore then come and visit us and let us help you feel better.

If you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling tight and uncomfortable or feel tense during the day then this is perhaps a sign that your flexibility is decreasing. Chronic lower back and neck pain are often indicators that your flexibility is not as good as it could be. This can be due to lifestyle factors and poor posture. Perhaps reaching down to tie your shoelaces feels a little further away than it used to be or you can't get your jumper on as easily as before.

Your flexibility actually starts to decline after the age of thirty!

Older couple walking through the woods

We know that a good diet and exercise routine keeps us fit and well but having good flexibility is often overlooked and can decrease your chances of having muscle imbalances that can cause pain and increased risk of injury if you are tight and bound up.

The secret to good flexibility is to stretch and lengthen the tight muscles and strengthen that weaker ones. A good stretching routine can help keep the muscles in good condition but sometimes this just isn't enough and you need a little extra help which is where we step in. Listening to your body and knowing when something doesn't feel right is imperative as you get older. You are the expert of your own body, nobody can tell you how you feel apart from you.

Massage is great for muscles whatever your age, which helps you feel looser and lighter and much more comfortable. We welcome you to visit us and let us help you.

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