Pregnancy Massage

A specialised massage treatment for pregnancy to relieve pain, tension and swelling and promote relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

What is a Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage has many benefits for mums-to-be. It can help to alleviate the additional pressure that is put upon weight-bearing joints and assist in remedying many of the discomforts commonly presented during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage can provide an alternative to drugs and medicines used for pain relief. Our treatments help relieve pain safely and naturally.

How can Pregnancy Massage help?

There are a range of physiological and emotional benefits to having a pregnancy massage. For starters, it helps reduce stress on the joints and muscles and also helps reduce stress psychologically. Pregnancy massage is very gentle and relaxing and no deep tissue techniques are used.

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable with many different complaints including lower back pain, upper back pain, leg cramps, headaches, neck pain, sacroiliac and hip joint pain, and so much more. Pregnancy massage helps to stimulate receptors in a woman's body to allow her to function effectively during pregnancy and regulate energy levels.

Massage can stabilise hormone levels and relieve anxiety that can be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. It can assist with sleep by relaxing the nervous system by releasing endorphins. It can help with blood flow and circulation as well as stimulating the lymphatic system and helping to eliminate toxins in the body. This list is not exhaustive but just an indication of the type of help that pregnancy massage can provide.

Pregnancy massage is always undertaken in a sympathetic manner in order to allow our clients to be comfortable.

Pregnancy massage can feel really lovely and soothing and it is a delight to undertake this type of treatment. They can help with:

  • Muscle tension and knots
  • Joint pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Discomfort in the hips
  • Headaches
  • Leg cramps
  • Sciatica
  • Swelling
  • And much more

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Please note that if your pregnancy is deemed to be high risk then we would not advise that you attend treatment.